Welcome to the MetroAir blog!


It is with great pleasure that I welcome to MetroAir’s new blog! By coincidence this is the first time I’ve ever “blogged” – I guess that makes me officially part of the web 2.0 crowd…

So why do we have this blog? Well, we wanted to keep our pilots up-to-date on the airline’s latest news and also some of the more aspirational elements of the airline, and of course we also realise that pilots may grow tired of a constant barrage of spam-tastic emails.

However, there is a lot to come in the next few months from behind the scenes at HQ, and we wanted to create the ideal platform on which to spread the news and keep you up to date on development.

Most importantly though, what makes MetroAir great is you the pilot. As such, you may have noticed that most of its activity is focused on the forums, Teamspeak, lately the wiki, and now here. MetroAir is about community, not just logging hours, and we hope you’ll agree.

So get involved via the forums, contribute to the wiki, and we’ll see you in the skies too!

Blue skies


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