MetroAir Awards: April

I would like to congratulations all of our April Award Winners. Remember that you can always view our recent award winners and the awards that MetroAir offers on the award page of the website.

We are also introducing some new awards.

  • Vatsim Awards – Fly your flights online! It’s fun, more realistic.. and now you get awards
  • A319 Type Rating Awards – It has been 2 months since our first A319 EIS. Rack up those hours and make our newest fleet addition a financial success.

I would also like to thank Vince Novak for helping out and creating our award ribbons.

With no further adieu – our April award winners!

3 Month Anniversary
Rob Caudill
Grayson Donnelly
Quinn Koller
Stephen Butka
Brandon Kiefer
David Esther
Gilroy Newball
Keith Talbot

6 Month Anniversary
Bryan Darling
Tyler Hartmann
Jeremy Ballsmith
Alex Jespersen
Brian M Naldzin
Peter Thaller
John Mullen
Brian Malashchuk

1 Year Anniversary
Sean O’Shea
Brad Owen
Steve Iles

Bronze 767 – 50hrs in the 762
Jeremhy Dolby

Bronze Pirep – 100 MetroAir flights
Matthew Calsada

To all of our award winners: Congratulations and Thank you. Your time and dedication make MetroAir what it is. For those of you who werent on the list this month, we hope to see you on the list soon!