Applications, Policy and Wiki's Oh My....

I am now into my third month of being MetroAir’s Human Resources Manager and this week, I’m going to share with you, an insight into what my role here at Metro HQ involves.

Primarily, I am charged with the vetting and processing of all new hire applications. Now, we don’t just allow anyone to join our roster. And as such, we have a set of requirements in place that all new applicants should meet before they even fill in the form. However, due to the high standards we have, I complete further checks to ensure that all applicants are suitable to fly for MetroAir. Without going into too much detail, I check things like, accurate transfer hours, previous VA history and to some extent, the applicant’s reputation in the community.

This week alone, I have processed over 15 applications and in the absence of James, I have also been sending out our Hub Manager’s welcome email. I am thrilled to see so many people join the MetroAir ranks, but i am more thrilled to see them submit Pireps.

I am of course, a point of contact for all of our members and I regularly deal with queries that range from application problems, transferring hours or simply passing on questions to the relevant staff members here in the office. I operate a strict open door policy and I actively encourage any member who has an issue or question to contact me.

I am also responsible for updating all our documentation when required. Luckily, our documentation doesn’t require updating too often and is usually only needed when we have a change of policy. We have recently decided to implement some changes to our Transfer Hours and Re-Hire policies. The changes to these policies have now been implemented, the changes are active and the Pilot Handbook has been updated to reflect the changes. I will post a seperate Blog Article which will outline the changes in detail.

Recently, Vince Novak took up residence as our new Events Co-Ordinator. Vince and I have had a couple of brainstorming sessions on Skype and Teamspeak and we have a few ideas we may work on in the future. We hope to offer some kind of training corriculum or facility to aid our pilots. Our events are something that we would really like to see more of our members get involved in. Vince and the guys are currently working on something which will hopefully encourage a few more Vatsim novices like myself to participate in future. However, I’ll leave the details of this development for Vince to share with you all once things have been finalized. If it gets the green light, it will be a fantastic addition to the MetroAir repertoire. 

The introduction of the MetroAir Wiki has brought a new element to my role as HR Manager. The staff of MetroAir are always busy developing projects and coming up with new ideas. Tom, Matt and Kim are currently working hard on the financial schema and have passed the duty of developing the Wiki onto both myself and James. Over the last few weeks I have slowly been updating the pages of the individual airports we serve. Adding general information about the airport, it’s surrounding area, runways, statistics, diagrams and valid routes to and from KDTW is no small task and one that will get larger as we add more and more destinations alongside the inroduction of our new A319’s. We are also using the Wiki as a central point of reference for all MetroAir documentation. The Pilot Handbook, Code of Conduct, Ops guide and Disclaimers are now on the Wiki and we will be re-routing all links to these items on the website to the wiki some time soon.

I would like to point out that the wiki is open to all members of MetroAir and can be edited and developed by all. I would encourage all our pilots to use the Wiki as a reference library and add to it as often as possible. The more people that contribute, the better the Wiki will become and information we can get on it, the better it will be for all.

On another note…

Today will see the Entry Into Service of our fourth A319, N303MT. The ferry flights for this aircraft have been available to fly on the website for a couple of days now and are well worth the effort. I have personally flown both legs of a delivery flight and found it to be a most rewarding experience and a break from normal routes (Especially as I planned my route so I could fly over my hometown here in the UK). If you have the appropriate CAT rating, why not give these flights a try and be part of MetroAir history.

With the introduction of more A319’s, you can expect to see more aircraft being freed up and more destinations appear on the schedules. A few of which i’m sure you guys are gonna love. Anyone fancy a sun tan…

And just to whet the appetite a little. Don’t think that you guys talking about expanding our regional network on the forums went un-noticed. Trust me, it’s on our radar, you just have to be a little more patient.

Well, that’ll do me for now. You now know a little more about what I do here at the office and a little more about what we are working on behind the scenes.

Don’t be a stranger, my door is always open.

Human Resources Manager