Updates to MetroAir Policies

I think now is a good time to announce some recent changes in MetroAir Policy to the rest of our members. Our Policies regarding Transfer Hours and the Re-Hiring of pilots have been updated in an attempt to keep an active roster.

Transfer Hours Policy.

Part of the fun of being a pilot or a member of any aviation group is the steady progression of rank, and the extra privileges higher ranks provide. We encourage you to fly wherever you like! However, in the interests of keeping MAV fun and fair to all participants, a limit on transferable hours has been established.

New members may transfer hours from one (1) Virtual Airline of their choice. Hours will be accepted at forty (40) percent value, up to an unlimited maximum (within reason). These hours will be verified before acceptance. MAV will accept hours logged on VATSIM / OVAO. The 40% total does count towards your MetroAir total hours, and as such counts towards your CAT ratings for aircraft availability.

Transfer hours should be declared on the application to join MetroAir, however, New member’s will have thirty (30) days from the date of hire to request a transfer of hours. Out with this period, the member will forfeit this right.

Re-Hiring of Pilots Policy.

Any member wishing to be re-hired after being removed for inactivity should contact the HR Manager directly, outlining the reasons behind their absence and to confirm that they are committed to fulfilling the requirements set out in 11.10.

The decision to re-hire inactive members is made at the discretion of the HR Manager.

All members returning after removal for inactivity, including new hires who have not yet filed a Pirep, will commence a period of probation lasting one year from the date of re-hire. Any member who is removed for breaching the requirements of 11.10 during a period of probation will have their membership terminated from MetroAir Virtual on a permanent basis with immediate effect.

Anyone wishing to appeal their termination from MAV should contact the CEO directly.

All of the above can be found in the Pilot Handbook on the MetroAir Wiki


These changes will be implemented with immediate effect.

Human Resources Manager