Event's are easy... Sort of

Putting events together is arguably the easiest job you can have at a VA. I mean if you compare what I have to to compared to what Tom, Matt, Kim, James, and everyone else has to do man you could say I have probably the cushiest job here at MetroAir.

Its not that easy. Setting up events involves quite a bit of planning and preparation. First of all I have to figure out the day of the event, then I need to figure out what would be a good time. With members all over the world it’s impossible to set events at a time convenient for everyone but even then, with a majority of our members in the US and in the UK its difficult to schedule times that even most of our members can comfortably attend.

Once you have the day and time picked, then theres the matter of ATC Coverage. This usually involves hunting down a ARTCC’s Events Coordinator who is usually doing the same thing I am but on a much larger scale. Sometimes they respond, sometimes they’re so swamped I get lost in the shuffle.

I also happened to come it at a odd time. Its hard to get decent turn out this time of year because kids are finishing up the school year, some of them are graduating, and the spring/early summer, months are always busy for everyone. Still a friend of mine keeps telling me “If you build it they will come.”

Besides regular events Myself, Matt, and Lindle are working on a training program for our pilots. It’s still way down the “to-do” list but we have the building blocks ready and as soon as we get time and a little more details hammered out we can begin to lay the foundations of what I believe will be one of the most awesome and complete training packages offered by any VA. Thats about all I can say on that for the moment.

I hope I’ll see you guys at our Friday Night Lights Events, and also if you can feel free to drop in this Sunday for our 15 Years of VA Fly-In down in Orlando! Remember participation in either of these events earns you overtime pay on your hours.