Hours: Events, Vatsim and You!

Effective immediately, the policy on bonus hours has changed.

Since Vince has become the new EC, you’ll notice that the requirement to fly events on VATSIM is no longer a requirement. You are still required to participate via teamspeak. Also in an effort to provide bonuses for our pilots who continually “advertise” MetroAir by flying on the Vatsim Network, we are adding a new type of flight hour bonus to reflect Management’s appreciation.

Standard flights receive no bonus.
Flights flown on the vatsim network receive a 20% bonus during a non-event.
Flights flown during an event but NOT on Vatsim will also receive a 20% bonus.
Pilots who participate in an event AND on Vatsim will receive a 40% bonus.

So bid on a flight, jump on Vatsim and watch your hours grow even faster.

If you are a purist and prefer to only log hours where you truely were in the cockpit, you can choose Standard Flight on the pirep form. Just make a notation of that in the comments.

Note: Both Event and Vatsim participation is monitored. Pireps that are filed with a bonus that do not qualify will be rejected. Make sure you fly under a *MET callsign *otherwise you’re pirep will also be rejected.