Mi casa es su casa...well, something like that!

First off, I don’t want you all to think of me as your hub manager, but to regard me as your friend…or maybe an older brother. If we were in the unions, I’m the boss that makes the Tom Collins of the VA world sweat…well, not really. Tom’s actually a great guy who has a tremendous talent at aircraft repaints (just search his name on AVSIM)!

In all seriousness, I view my job as hub manager as the liason between MetroAir’s pilots and its management. There are two main aspects of my job, one that encompasses interacting with pilots (answering questions/comments/finding help with technical issues),and then the aspect that covers “paperwork” (PIREPS, welcome letters, etc.).

Do you have questions or comments that you were afraid to post in the forums? Any criticisms or suggestions? Then I am the person who will help try to clarify your queries! Do not hesitate to contact me regarding any issues covering life and operations at MetroAir. Management wants you to contribute and be a part of this airline’s growth, and we’ll help assist with that the best we can.

The “paperwork” aspect is not as glamorous, but absolutely necessary. Processing PIREPS is pretty straightforward; generally I check the PIREP for errors and approve or disapprove accordingly. The number one reason why I have to deny a PIREP is the result of someone flying an aircaft outside their authorized category. For the most part, I check the flight hours against the scheduled times to look for any anomalies, and read comments if that has been filled out (some of them are entertaining!). I retain all the generated e-mail receipts for 30 days, should there been any discrepencies that arise.

The next largest amount of paperwork are the welcome e-mails. I try to personalize each e-mail with the pilots name, and include a link to the forums for welcoming. Sometimes pilots will e-mail back a thank you for the welcome, other times they might already have questions. We had one pilot who sent me his letter of resignation not long after I sent his welcome! Nevertheless, we want to make sure each pilot is personally welcomed to MetroAir.

One final area of responsibility involves keeping track of pilot promotions, and providing an announcement for those pilots. I also write the announcements for MetroAir’s Pilot of the Month (POTM). Which, unfortunately, has I have failed to announce the past couple of months. However, look for an announcement soon for the March, April, and May!

Beyond that, I try to provide some insight where I feel comfortable in management discussions, and generally act like a goofball to keep the atmosphere fun. I try to keep all these items acting in a timely manner, but as the real world intervenes, they sometimes are delayed. But I thank you all for your patience so far, and I look forward to continue to serve you as Metro’s Detroit Hub Manager! Have a good one!