New Leave of Absence Policy

The staff of MetroAir would like to announce the following…

In an effort to keep our roster as accurate as possible, starting June 15th a new policy will be enforced for all of our On-Leave pilots. On-Leave pilots will be required to sign in to either the forums or the MetroAir website at least once every 45 days. If after 45 days an on-leave pilot has not successfully logged in to the forums or website, they will be removed from the active roster.

If an on-leave pilot wishes to return after they have already been removed, they are advised to contact the Human Resources Manger as per the re-hiring policy.


Discretion will be considered in special circumstanced by the HR Manager.

We currently have 41 pilots on-leave. Of those 41 pilots, about 20 would be removed if the policy was to be implemented today. Pilots who are on leave are encouraged to verify their last login date and potential purge date.

All pilots currently on-leave will be receiving this via email as well.

  • Note: This will all be automatic. There will be no manual intervention by any MetroAir staff member to prevent on-leave pilots from rolling off the roster *

Human Resources Manager