MetroAir Awards: May 2007

I would like to congratulate all of our May Award Winners. Remember that you can always view our recent award winners and the awards that MetroAir offers on the award page of the website.

3 Month Anniversary
Terence Craik
Harry Gaydosz
Eric Haft
Domenic Murtari
Thomas Savickas
Brandon Sayarath

6 Month Anniversary
Michael Cable
Roger Curtiss
Matthew Kramer
John Pontikis

Bonze Hours - 737-200
Vincent Novak
Paul Sardana

Bonze Pirep - 100 Pireps
James Denney
Mark McCoy
Plato Pavlatos
Del Steel

Bonze Flight Hours - 100 MetroAir Hours
Vincent Novak

To all of our award winners: Congratulations and Thank you. Your time and dedication make MetroAir what it is. For those of you who werent on the list this month, we hope to see you on the list soon!