MetroAir Virtual Events making a come back!

Friday night events are coming back! I hope we can all support this here at MAV and show the VATSIM community that we are the right stuff! Starting Friday, October 5th we will plan to have operations in an active ARTCC area along with ATA Virtual. MetroAir Virtual is in communications with ATA to partner in their Friday night VERTIGO events. Here are the details for the first event.

MAV Group Flight KONT to KSFO Friday October 5th Here’s how it works:
1. Flight must be flown in MetroAir event on VATSIM network.
2. Flight must be a regular scheduled Metro flight.
3. Bonus is equal to 40% of the actual flight time. A flight of 1 hour will actually count as 1.4 hours under this new system.

The VATSIM Event addition to the PiREP panel has been added and is now functional.

A319-131 Flight
VATSIM preferred route POM7 AVE BSR BSR2

B737-200Adv Flight
VATSIM preferred route POM7 AVE BSR BSR2

Flight time approximately 1:30
Pre-flight ops start at 2300Z
Planned arrival time 0100 – 0200Z

Participation in TeamSpeak will not be required but is highly encouraged for camaraderie as well as coordination. Participation on VATSIM will be required. Utilize your PID within your callsign. I.E. my PID is 1230 so my callsign becomes MET1230.

When filing your PIREP be sure and check both VATSIM and EVENT boxes for proper credit.
Also place MAV Group Flight in the comments box.
Waiver for CAT rating of Trainee is being considered at this time. I will post an update if this is approved.
ATA Virtual will be operating in the same general area for their Friday night VERTIGO event. In the future we hope to have destinations and departures with ATA as a partner airline in the VERTIGO events.

Let’s turn out for this come back of MetroAir Company Events and turn the skies GREEN!