Pilot Roster Inactivity Warning

FAO All Pilots:

I am about to start the ball rolling on the latest round of inactive account removals. This will include pilots from both KIAD and KONT Rosters.

Any member who currently has an account showing as inactive in the last thirty days will be sent an email from myself in the next few days. If you happen to have one of these emails in your inbox, REPLY TO IT!

Any member who fails to respond within 5 days will have their account terminated!

I advise any member who doesn’t want to be included in this clear out to do one of the following:

1) File a Pirep within the next couple of days to return to active status.

2) Contact your Hub Manager for a Leave of Absence if you do not believe you can fly but want to remain on the roster.

The clock is ticking people, I see a lot of red names on the list, let’s do something about it.