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Saw this in your control panel and wondering what it is? Well wonder no more.

After much consideration, the executive management team has decided to begin accepting donations to cover the real financial costs that MetroAir incurs. Most of us fly, use ACARS, submit pireps, read and write forum posts with little thought about the back end that supports our VA. This is great and means everything is working the way it should!

For our pilots who have been with us since mid 2006, you’ll remember a number of times when MetroAir was experiencing web hosting problems. We experienced bandwidth problems, loss of files, etc. Since August 2007, MetroAir has operated a dedicated server that allows us to continue to have uninterrupted access to the forums, pireps and ACARS access. Some of you will remember the switch that happened last November to the new dedicated server which allowed the introduction of ACARS a month later.

I’m happy to report in the past month of June, we have experienced a total of 6 minutes of downtime which was required due to a critical server update. I can guarantee that a big reason for this is due to the fact that MetroAir does utilize a dedicated server.

With great benefits comes great costs. A dedicated server costs about 10x that of a shared hosting web plan. On average, MetroAir has an annual bill of about $750 USD. Up until now, these costs have been covered by staff. Starting today, we are beginning to accept donations to help offset the cost of operating MetroAir Virtual. If you like it around here, want to see MetroAir grow and consider MetroAir a worthwhile cause and cheap entertainment, than we ask you to consider donating a small amount to the cause. MetroAir will never require its members to pay a joining fee, but as a thank you to our pilots who do help us out, we have created some exclusive benefits such as specialized liveries, forum signatures and MetroAir email accounts. In the future, more benefits will pop-up for our donating members such as additional liveries, preview access to new liveries and possibly early access to bid on ferry and charter flights.

Anaheim Ducks Livery

The CFO, Del Steel, will be releasing quarterly updates that indicate the state of MetroAir Airlines from a real-life fiscal point of view: What our expenses have been and the total amount of income received from donations and store proceeds. After expenses are paid, we have plans of possibly using any extra money that is contributed towards contest rewards. (As a side note, the periodic updates on the virtual fiscal status of the airline is something that Del is also working on to make a comeback in the near future.)

Thanks for supporting us, with dollars and sense!