Flights departing daily... or not!

In the past, many of you wondered how MetroAir could operate so many flights with such a small fleet. I can assure you that we have never overbooked our fleet and we always allow time at the gate for servicing before the next departure.

So how do we do it? Recently we have been shifting our aircraft a lot. Rather than having an aircraft make return flights all day – every day, we are operating a lot more point to point flights. This keeps our aircraft in the air longer, maxmizes revenue potential and allows us to connect cities that are not hub or focus cities.

In addition, some flights do not operate on a daily basis. The flight frequency of a given route depends on many different factors: existing frequency for the given route by both MetroAir and other carriers, the demand on the route, alternative connecting flights, and the nature of the route (business or leisure).

Starting today, you can see just how often the flight operates.

Monday = 1. Sunday = 7. X = Except. Also note that the day indicated is the day based on GMT time. For example, if the flight departs at 8:15 Eastern time/00:15 GMT and was showing as 246 – this flight would be departing Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday according to GMT time but Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays at 8:15pm local time!