Featured Flights - August 1 to August 7

Start up your flight simulator, power up MetroAir ACARS and get in the sky. The following flights are eligible for the featured flight bonus from August 1 to August 7.  We are even featuring a round trip this week, for those of you who like that kind of thing.  Schedules are changing here at MetroAir, so check back and see what NEW flights are featured soon!

Just make sure you read the featured flight program policy, which is available here.

Flight 71: EHAM – KIAD
Aircraft: Airbus A330-200
ETE: 465 mins

Flight 206: KONT – KMCO
Aircraft: Boeing 757-200
ETE: 270 mins

Flight 279: PANC – KONT
Aircraft: Airbus A319-131
ETE: 320 mins

Flight 416: KONT – KLAS
Aircraft: Airbus A321-234
ETE: 70 mins

Flight 1710: KIAD – CYTZ
Aircraft: Bombardier Dash-8-Q400
ETE: 75 mins

Flight 1711: CYTZ – KIAD
Aircraft: Bombardier Dash-8-Q400
ETE: 75 mins

Flight 1734: KIAD – KIND
Aircraft: Saab 2000
ETE: 90 mins

Flight 1769: KGSO – KIAD
Aircraft: Bombardier Dash-8-Q200
ETE: 60 mins