MetroAir Training Fleet, Active?


Thursday, August 7, 2008

In response to the article Stephen Lebrechthausen was available for comment and said the following:

“MetroAir can confirm some of its Eagle Aviation fleet was airborne today at the Compton airfield in California. These aircraft have not been in the air for a long time and we need to make sure all systems and instruments were correct and the aircraft can still fly well.” The result was a success and we have now moved the aircraft to a different part of the field instead of keeping it in the enclosed hangar it was in before.”

Mark McCoy was on hand to comment:
“I can confirm the article posted in today’s edition of the LA Insider.We have expressed a desire to continue development of a MetroAir FBO for training and aircraft rental services to support what we anticipate to become one of the largest pilot shortages in the past 20 years.

As a result of this, aircraft placed in short-term storage at ComptonAirport for repaint work have been placed through their annual recertifications and will begin ferry work back to the MetroAir/Eagle Aviation base at OntarioInternationalAirport.Expect more from us in the near future regarding this particular endeavor.”

MetroAir has been speculated to provide more information as it develops.