MetroAir AI Returns!

After what feels like ages, MetroAir is releasing an AI package again. The aircraft have just come out of the paint shop, the schedules have just been reviewed for completeness and the parking locations have been rechecked.

MetroAir AI v2.0

In another first for MetroAir, the AI packages are being released as complete installation packages. Download the file for your version of FS and click through the wizard and on your next flight, you’ll be flying along side some other MetroAir planes.

A big thank you to Tom Collins for completing the AI paints for inclusion in the package and Kim Gesch for reviewing the flights and compiling the traffic schedules for the package.

Now that we expect our fleet to remain relatively stable, we can plan on releasing new AI schedules on a recurring basis as major changes are made to the schedules.

Note: This is being initially released to donators and staff. After two weeks of additional testing by MetroAir staff and pilots who have previously donated, the AI packages will be released to all pilots.