What can green do for you?

MetroAir’s pilots interact mostly with their Hub Manager and occasionally with the Human Resources Manager. The executive staff is often a little more elusive. Pilot’s don’t see them as much and probably don’t understand exactly what we do or how we do it.

I’ve “overheard” that the executive staff is seen as the upper echelon, regarded as being unreachable. For pilot’s that have been with MetroAir for a long time and have known us before we are staff, they know this is far from truth.

With 2009 here, give or take a few hours, MetroAir definitely has some tricks up it’s sleeve for the new year. While not everything can be revealed now, one thing I can share with you is in regards to staff availability. Some of you may have noticed an increased presence by staff in preceding weeks. I have asked that all staff participate in a new initiative to be available for pilots on Teamspeak either to ask a question, be a supporting ear, or just to become more involved and get to know the pilot’s more. This initiative is aimed at all staff, myself included. The goal is that staff will be around for an hour or more during the week. Sometimes this isn’t feasible due to events in the real world, but we will make our best efforts. We’ll also try to announce our times via a calendar that can be seen right here on the blog. We hope to see you around in Teamspeak in the new year.

Have a happy and safe New Year!