Organizational and Staffing Changes

Effective immediately, MetroAir now has an entire department dedicated to Media & Marketing. Official Photographers/Videographers will be members of the department. They will continue to do what they do… just under the full authority of being a staff member.

Alex Newton has been promoted to Director of Media and Marketing. In this new role he will ensure the MetroAir name is known around the virtual aviation community. Alex will also be officially handling events for MetroAir in this new capacity.

Matt Reichelderfer will be taking the role of Human Resources Manager. Matt has a wealth of knowledge in the VA community considering his staff positions at MetroAir and other virtual airlines he has been with in the past.  We are confident Matt will bring a lot to the table for us as he fits into his new role.

Colin McFadden has been selected to become the next Allegius Hub Manager. We are sure he’ll be keeping busy as the new CRJs enter into service.

Join me in congratulating Alex, Matt and Colin as they begin entering a new phase of their MetroAir careers!