MetroAir Q4 Donations Statement

After several web hosting issues during 2006, the decision was made to switch all of MetroAir’s online material to our own dedicated server. The switch was made during the fall of 2007 giving uninterrupted access to our website and forum and allowing the introduction of our own ACARS system.

The cost of this switch was substantial. MetroAir’s annual hosting bill multiplied by a factor of almost 10. Our average annual bill currently stands at around $750 USD.

In June 2008, the executive management team decided to begin accepting donations to cover the real financial costs that MetroAir incurs. All donations are used to offset the costs that were previously covered by staff members.

MetroAir’s fiscal year runs April to March and below is a breakdown of all donations made for Q4 January 2009 – March 2009.

As of March 31st, 8 MetroAir pilots made donations to our funds during Q4.

donater breakdown

The chart below shows a breakdown of each donation level.

Income Breakdown

During this same period, expenses for the airline came to a total of $187.37 Below is a breakdown of our costs.

Expenses Breakdown


Chief Financial Officer Statement:“Quarter 4 exceeded expectations bringing in a total of eight donations. In my last statement I stated that an average of two donations a month would be considered an excellent return from our members and once again our pilots have come through.”

“January and February saw a welcome return of donations after a fruitless December. A return of two donations in each month was a great start to 2009. This trend continued throughout the rest of the quarter with a generous bumper donation from one MetroAir pilot in particular. The quarter was rounded off by a donation on the last day of reporting, giving March a single donation and ensuring we finished the quarter on a high.”

“Overall, we have had another fantastic quarter of donations. We continue to see the majority of our donaters taking the First Class package which proves that our current reward structure is appealing and we have continued to exceed our budget predictions. We hope that this is a good omen as we complete our first financial year of donations and that next year will continue to be as much of a success.”

“Later this week I will publish our full year results, looking back at how the year has progressed, where your dollars have been spent and looking ahead to 2009/10. May I once again take this oppertunity on behalf of the MetroAir management team to thank all our donators for contributing to our airline. Your support is very much appreciated.”

Del Steel
Chief Financial Officer