'Pilot of the Month' Announcement

As most of you know, each month the MetroAir staff likes to take the time to honor one pilot who has gone above and beyond for the airline.

This past March, there was one person in particular who stood out in the eyes of the executives and staff and that person is Carlo Alaimo!

Carlo was hired all the way back in August of 2008.  Since then he has accrued numerous hours flying under the “Metro” callsign, but that isn’t where his biggest contribution lies.  Most recently, Carlo has been an outstanding member of the Beta Testing team.  He is one of those people responsible for the aircraft being placed into FSX and helping fine tune the aircraft for FS9.  He spent countless hours dedicated to making MetroAir better.

Please join me in thanking Carlo for his outstanding work and congratulate him on his award.  From all of the staff at MetroAir, thank you Carlo and congratulations!

….But I’m not done yet.  There was one other person who did amazing work behind the scenes for us that deserves to be recognized: James Denney!

Just like Carlo, James has been an outstanding person for MetroAir.  He was once a hub manager with us and has recently continued to show his dedication to MetroAir with the Beta Testing team.  James used his expertise on the inner workings of both Flight Simulator aircraft and real world aircraft to help fine tune and fix any nagging problems with our airframes.  This announcement may seem a little late but it is still fitting and deserving: James, we’d like to thank you for all of your hard work and dedication over the years by awarding you February’s Pilot of the Month award!

Once again, please join me in congratulating James for this special award and thanking him for his hard work.  Thanks James and congratulations!

Gentlemen, both of you have earned our praise and your award should be in your control panel.