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*ROMULUS, MI, April 14th, 2009 — *Today MetroAir announced that it will begin service to Kansas City, Missouri  from Metro’s Ontario and Washington hubs. The new service announcement coincides with an announcement from MetroAir that thay have reached a deal with the tour operator on their St. Maarten charter flight.

Chief Operating Officer, Kim Gesch said, “The New Orleans- St. Maarten flight was not providing the highest loads for the tour operator. We were able to come to an agreement to help stimulate traffic on the flight by moving it to IAD. The tour operator still has a percentage of the seats on the aircraft, MetroAir will sell the rest. By incorporating it into the MetroAir network, it will become a profitable route.”

In regards to the new service to Kansas City, Chief Executive Officer, Matt Calsada said, ” Currently we do not have a presence in the mid-continent market. We are looking to increase point to point flights across our network, creating additional cities that will be linked to hubs and possibly turn into focus cities.”