Update from the CEO

In line with the current global economy, MetroAir has had been hesitant to make any major changes to its operations. We have tried to maximize profits while keeping our pilots interested and motivated. Despite the slow growth, MetroAir has been busy these past few months. From the addition to a new aircraft to our fleet and countless hours of beta testing to the migration to a new server, our staff and pilots have been busy. In fact, that is a gross understatement.

MetroAir has been sending tweets to Twitter for over a year now. Every blog post is on Twitter. New Cities and new routes will earn a spot on our Twitter too. Starting today though, Vatsim and ACARS flights will not be showing in MetroAir’s twitter feed.

We want to keep the “noise” out and use it only for the important stuff that you want to know about. Follow us!

We have released the CRJ-700 and Allegius is already seeing profits from the four routes and MetroAir has seen a slow increase in our mainline traffic as a result. While it’s too early to make any determinations at this point, our initial research is showing signs of success. Our other traffic is still considerably lower than a year ago today, but we are seeing gradual increases every day. Del and Kim will continue to monitor the SWOT of all our routes. For those wondering what SWOT is: strengths, weaknesses, opportuities and threats.

In total, we have had 106 downloads of the CRJ-700 between both the FS9 and FSX versions. We are still working out a few problems that some pilots are experiencing but I think we will collectively work the issues out. MetroAir is one of the few Virtual Airlines where the VP of Operations will remote into a pilots machine to check on the problems himself. Thank you to Lindle for taking the time to troubleshoot this with Fred. While it may have created more questions than answers, we do have more information which never hurts.

Earlier this week we transferred 3.5 Gigabytes of data to a brand new server allowing us to continue to enjoy a hobby we all love. While MetroAir has been using a dedicated server for almost 2 years, the new server is in a new datacenter providing a much faster dedicated uplink to the Internet. The server is also a Linux machine which we hope will also keep the memory and lag issues to a minimum for everyone. All initial reports indicate success with this migration. From the UK to the US, most of our pilots have reported increased speed to the forums and website. I would like to personally thank Randy Hardcorn and Evan Schwarz for their detective skills in finding a few remaining glitches that we were experiencing.

We have also had changes to our staff lately. Most of you are familiar with Colin McFadden as our new Allegius Hub Manager as promotions were given to Alex Newton who is now Director of Media and Marketing and to Matt Reichelderfer, our new Human Resources Manager. In addition, our Media and Marketing department also has Steve Iles, Anand Mourouguessin and Jon Heckman as Official Photographers and Videographer. They now hold official staff positions with the Airline and are considered full-fledged staff with all of the responsibilities associated with it. You will see them active in the community helping to share the word about MetroAir through images and videos. They all do a great job. I had a pilot stop in Teamspeak today asking about MetroAir and where he could join as a result of seeing one of Jon’s videos on FlightSimWorld. If you haven’t seen Jon’s videos, check out his youtube link for a real treat. I hope you all feel the same sense and pride that I did when watching this video and realizing how much MetroAir, as an airline, has done in the three years it has been in operation.

I have been working on a completely new website for MetroAir starting with the design and all of the code from the ground up. In fact some of our staff are already using it for processing pireps, approving LOA’s and hiring new staff. This is still a very early project. As you can imagine, there is a lot that happens behind the scenes at MetroAir to make it just…work. We hope to have our beta team testing it within a couple of months before a general release to all pilots.

Behind the scenes, I have tasked Alex with sharing some additional statistics with the pilots on a monthly basis. Some of you may have seen a glimpse while the server was “moving” the other day.  The new statistics is a piece that will be available to all pilots when the new website is debuted. In the meantime, stay tuned to the blog for monthly updates. You’ll see stuff like the most popular routes and our bid to pirep ratio.

Kim has been busy as well working on brand new schedules. Scheduling is one of the most challenging jobs for a virtual airline. From 12 aircraft (Seven 732’s and 5 Q200’s) when we first opened our doors to 79 total aircraft in the fleet now, Kim manages to keep it all together and still finds time to squeeze more schedules in and get on my case about ordering new aircraft and adding new routes. In addition to all of this scheduling, Kim has been serving as Chief Strategy Officer. Kim has been writing some internal documentation as the executives discuss ways to make better decisions that will have far and long impacting decisions on the airline.

Everyone on staff is stopping in to Teamspeak at least once a week so make sure if you have any questions you stop in. It can get boring sitting in our office with no on to talk to; CEO’s start writing wordy blog posts. So check out the calendar from the link n the right and stop in to say hi to Joseph and Tim and everyone else on staff. They may deny a pirep once in a while, but I promise they don’t bite.

The media and marketing department will also be unveiling something new for everyone starting May 1st, though it may appear a few days earlier. Be sure to stay tuned to the blog since it will be the only place to get this new feature.