FS9 POSKY CRJ Stability Update / SkyDecks Config Installer

We’re pleased to announce that the installer for the FS9 CRJ has been updated. Thanks to Fred Whiting, we have a plausible fix for the stability issues on autopilot that some pilots were experiencing. Thanks to Fred for his bringing the issue up and working towards a resolution!! Go to the “My Downloads” page on the main MetroAir website to redownload the package if you’re having stability issues with this aircraft.

We’re also pleased to announce the release of an installer for the FS9 POSKY CRJ with SkyDecks panel integration! The SkyDecks CRJ panel is a rocking panel for CRJs designed by Kevin Sparkuhl. It’s a great panel for a great price… $15 US Dollars… Get to www.sky-decks.com to check it out. Buy, d/l, and install the package for FS9, then download and install the installer “FS9 – Bombardier CRJ-700 (Skydecks)” from your download page and install. Awesome indeed!!

Note from the readme on this package: WARNING: This aircraft has no panel! You must have purchased the CRJ SkyDecks panel in order to use it. Go to www.sky-decks.com to purchase the panel. Install the SkyDecks panel after you purchase it and then you will have a rockin CRJ!