MetroAir Announces CFO Resignation

MetroAir Virtual Airlines announced today that Chief Financial Officer Del Steel has resigned effective immediately.Steel’s letter of resignation was accepted by Matthew M. Calsada, Chief Executive Officer of MetroAir Virtual Airlines.

“MetroAir accepts your decision with sincere appreciation for your lasting contributions over the past several years. The Board recognizes that the airline has benefited greatly from your dedication and persistence,” Calsada said in a letter to Steel. “I speak on behalf of the full Board in observing that MetroAir has propelled into new frontiers during your tenure on staff.”

The position will be remain vacant while the board conducts a search for a replacement. The search committee is being organized and the search process will begin immediately.

Steel served as Human Resources Manager from March 2007 through December 2007. In December 2007 Mr. Steel was promoted to Chief Financial Officer, an executive level position.