May 2009 'Pilot of the Month' Named

Let me just start off this announcement with an apology for how long it took us to release this; we’re sorry Smiley.  We like to be prompt but many of our staff members had short periods of absences and it threw some curveballs in our normal schedule.

So, without further ado, I’d like to present the Pilot of the Month award for May 2009.  The Pilot of the Month award is used to recognize superb pilots at MetroAir.  Whether they fly non-stop or they just liven up the forums with encouraging and friendly posts, each Pilot of the Month is someone who has made a significant contribution to MetroAir.  This month’s award goes to someone who has contributed an enormous amount in regards to getting the MetroAir name out there by flying, what seems to be, non-stop on VATSIM under our callsign.  May’s Pilot of the Month award goes to ATP Captain Steve Watson!  Steve has over five hundred hours accumulated in his MetroAir logbook and has the second most clocked minutes on VATSIM of any MetroAir pilot.  Please join me in congratulating Steve on his accomplishment.

Congratulations Steve and keep your eyes peeled for some well deserved awards coming your way!