MetroAir to Acquire 9 Airbus A320s


Romulus, MI – June 26, 2009: MetroAir Virtual Airlines today released details to acquire nine A320s currently available on the open market.  The aircraft, ranging in age from 6 to 18 years old, will be acquired from Air India, TAM Airlines, TACA Airlines, Batavia Airlines and Mexicana Airlines. They are reportedly chosen to fit within the airline’s current Airbus fleet, and all nine aircraft are of the V2500-A1 engine type.

The purchases are valued at a total of $209.3 million USD. Acquisition of these aircraft coincides with the airline’s decision to order 40 additional Airbus A319, A320 and A321 aircraft which were chosen to fit within the airline’s current Airbus fleet.  Chief Executive Officer Matt Calsada explained, “The need to rapidly expand our fleet to stay competitive with other US carriers has become increasingly apparent. Airbus has slowed their production calendars due to the global economy, also delaying our plans. These 9 aircraft will allow us to further our strategic goals within a month compared to the initial Airbus delivery expected in one year.”

Chief Operating Officer Kim Gesch announced that the nine aircraft will be ferried to Southern California Logistics Airport within the next week. “As the aircraft arrive in Victorville, each will undergo a thorough maintenance check. To speed the EIS, some aircraft will remain at Victorville to be painted while the others will enter revenue service. The remaining six will cycle back to Victorville for painting when the initial 3 are complete. We are pleased to have the additional capacity for our larger markets without incurring any substantial increases in cost” said Gesch.

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