July 2009 'Pilot of the Month' Award Announced

Each month, the MetroAir staff members get together to discuss the individuals that have stepped up above and beyond the requirements to be a MetroAir pilot. Hub Managers, whom, for the most part, interact with pilots more so than anyone else, throw out the names of deserving individuals for that month. Usually, the staff comes up with several names for consideration, but this month’s pilot needed no prolonged decision process.

July’s ‘Pilot of the Month’ award goes to a pilot who has rapidly climbed the ranks to Senior Captain with over 200 hours accumulated in just four months with us! However, even more valued by us here at MetroAir, this pilot conducts himself in a respectful manner. Through his friendly and consistent contributions within the forums, and his mere flawless screenshots, this pilot demonstrates exactly what we here at Metro consider an adequate Pilot of the Month candidate. So without further delay, please join be in congratulating our pilot of the month from down unda’…

Senior Captain Senior Captain Nigel Tam

Congratulations, Nigel, your efforts and dedication have garnered the respect of your Hub Managers.

Keep an eye out for the awards coming your way!