MetroAir Announces Operational News

Romulus, MI – Aug 4, 2009 today announced that it has received tentative approval from the Department of Transportation (DOT) to operate service between Fort Lauderdale and Bogotá, Colombia, Guayaquil, Ecuador, and San Salvador, El Salvador. The service is planned to begin in early fall. Additional service from other destinations may be introduced pending final approval.

“We are very pleased with the tentative approval from the DOT to link these Latin American markets to our network in the U.S.” said Chief Operating Officer Kim Gesch.

MetroAir plans to operate the daily service using its Airbus narrow body aircraft.

Additionally, today MetroAir announced plans to begin daily service between Ontario and Boston using an Airbus A320 aircraft.

More about MetroAir

MetroAir is one of America’s leading choices of airline travel, with a formidable domestic route system using a fleet of the world’s most technologically advanced Airbus airliners and with numerous regional connections through it’s partner company Allegius. Originally founded in Detroit flying Boeing 737-200s and Bombardier Dash-8-Q200 feeders, MetroAir has since grown to become one of America’s most impressive startup airlines of the last decade now operating 382 flights to 73 cities around the world using a fleet of Airbus and Bombardier airliners.  Built on a simple home-grown attitude of quick and affordably-efficient service, MetroAir has seen a groundswell of critical acclaim from the flying public in response to a return of service to the days of old.

In an economy where passengers have dozens of choices to choose from, MetroAir provides an affordable ticket in a comfortable seat, in-flight entertainment, warm meals and drinks—paid for, and not through creative trickery.  Sure it’s a stretch on the airline’s tight budget, but MetroAir prides itself on integrity to the flying public and delivers on promises made.

Virtually speaking, MetroAir was built and is operated entirely on realism—aircraft are purchased, routes are operated, and growth is measured within the boundaries of what realism would economically dictate.  Come fly for MetroAir, where you’re contributions play a direct role in the airline’s growth and success!