The Great Hub Competition: September 2009!

Washington VS. Ontario

The MetroAir Staff is pleased to announce what could be the greatest competition in the history of MetroAir, and the world. The aim of this competition is to determine which hub flies more flights for the company.

How it works:

The competition is fairly simple and basic. Basically the hub that flies more, will win. Ontario will face off against Washington, with Allegius pilots flying for their respective hubs. Each flight flown will have a base value of 1 point. There will be bonuses for flying with ACARs and Online. If you use ACARs your score will be increased by .2, and if you fly online your score will be increased by .3! These bonuses can be compounded together. So if you Fly online while using ACARs your flight will count for 1.5 pts. It should also be noted that to balance things out there will be a multiplier added to ONT pilots’ reports. This is due solely to the fact that Dulles pilots outnumber Ontario pilots by almost 2:1! It would be very unfair if there was no multiplier to level the playing field.

Also each hub will have a Most Valuable Pilot. This will go to the pilot at each hub that has the most points. The same multipliers apply, .2 points for ACARs use and .3 points for Flying online! The pilot who wins this will be awarded with a certificate, and serious bragging rights amongst your fellow pilots.

The competition will begin on 9/1/2009! All you have to do is get in your MetroAir plane and fly any regularly scheduled Metro Air Flight! So get to it, guys! The competition will end on 10/1/2009!