MetroAir Videographer Contest

As some may have noticed, Jonathon Heckman, our videographer, resigned his position because of real life circumstances. Please join MetroAir in thanking him for his months of hard work and outstanding videos!

While this is unfortunate, MetroAir needs a new videographer to continue its work on the airline’s current and future advertising campaigns. This is where you come in! From September 6th to September 13th, MetroAir will be holding an open videographer contest. The winning contestant will become MetroAir’s Official Videographer with access to the airline’s YouTube account, and will work diligently with the staff on our ad campaigns. Please review the information below to get started!

In a video of at least 30 seconds in length, you are going to create a video that, while showcasing your video production skills, highlights any part of MetroAir’s operation.

Video Requirements:

• Video must be at least 30 seconds long.
• Must contain at least one textual element.
• Include the MetroAir logo which can be aquired by emailing Colin McFadden or Matt Calsada.
• Include some visual effects – simplicity is key but we want to know what you can do!
• Preferred that you can render in HD, though not required.
• Must relate to MetroAir, whether using the prompts below or your own idea.

Optional Prompts:

  1. Create a video, following the requirements above, that showcases what MetroAir means to you, personally. What makes MetroAir, MetroAir?
    1. In a 30-60 second video, following the requirements above, create an advertisement for your favorite, Metro-served airport. Using textual elements and/or voiceovers, explain the benefits involved in flying MetroAir to or from this airport.

Submitting a Video:

  1. Once the video is done, upload the video to YouTube, Vimeo, or whatever video service you choose to use (note that MetroAir uses YouTube).
    1. Send the video’s URL to the emails below, in the following format.

Title of Video…

Below the link, please tell us about the video and provide any other comments you may have. You may ask questions as well.

Send the email to the following staff members:

Colin McFadden: colin.mcfadden[at]metroairvirtual[dot]com
Lindle Romero: lindle.romero[at]metroairvirtual[dot]com
Matt Calsada: matt.calsada[at]metroairvirtual[dot]com

Good luck to all participants. Be creative and have fun!