Updated Impromptu Event Requirements!

(We’ve changed the minimum pilot requirements from 6 to 4 for this bonus. Read below)

We’ve noticed that there are more and more of you flying online while using ACARS. The idea came up to offer you guys a way of earning an event bonus without participating in a “planned” event. This event would be initiated by you guys…the pilots of MetroAir. Get yourself and a minimum of 3 other pilots online and make a group flight together from and to where ever you’d like within the MetroAir scheduling system; make the flight on Vatsim while using ACARS, and while logged on to Teamspeak. It’s that simple. Of course you have to fly within your CAT ratings. Other than that, meet the criteria and everyone who makes the flight will receive the event bonus!

I believe this is a way to hopefully get more guys online making flights together. Group flights to me are great. They give you something that you can’t get while flying offline…comraderie. I hope that you guys will take advantage of this opportunity.

If you know that you’re going to have the opportunity to fly at a certain time, post a message in the forum announcing it. Hopefully we will begin to see even more of you online together. I will certainly be joining you guys on flights in the evenings when I have the time!

Be aware that the flights will be checked to make sure you made the flight according to the rules. Vatsim info will be checked and verified. So get in there, have a great time getting to know your fellow pilots, and get bonus time for doing so!!

As our CEO Matt Calsada put it:
“Improv at Sweetwaters
Anyday. Everyday. Anytime.
Event Coordinator: YOU!”

Conditions to be met for event bonus:
1. Flight must be made with 4 or more MetroAir pilots.
2. All participating pilots must depart and arrive the same airports.
3. Flight must be made on the Vatsim Network.
4. Participating pilots must be using MetACARS.
5. Participating pilots must be on our Teamspeak server.
6. When filing your pirep make sure that you put a note that it was an “IMPROMPTU EVENT” in the Pirep pilot notes area.

Note The event requirements may be tweaked a bit after we see how the program works out.

Best Regards,
Lindle Romero
Chief Personnel Officer
MetroAir Virtual