New Website Launch and Server Move

Some reconfiguration and additional testing has been completed since the last failed attempt. In addition, changes to the new website are near complete. We’ll be launching a new website on a new server.

Please note that the web switch will occur sometime between 3:30 GMT on Monday (10:30pm Sunday Eastern time) and 14:30 GMT Monday (10:30am Sunday Eastern time).  Please plan accordingly as the following services will be affected during the web site switch:

During the downtime a temporary page will be displayed to indicate the transfer is in progress. If you are using ACARS during the switch, you will not be able to submit a PiRep until after the site is moved. As soon as the transfer is completed and the DNS entries have been completed, you will see the new website. Your mileage may vary depending on how quickly your ISP’s DNS servers are refreshed.

MetroAir will continue to be available via Twitter and Facebook. When the transfer is complete we’ll send a message on both so you know we’re back in business.