Got Gates?

Staff have been working tirelessly the few weeks to ensure that our gate charts are updated. Each and every airport that MetroAir serves now has a gate chart to indicate where our aircraft park.

Newark Gate Chart
Sample Chart of Newark, NJ (KEWR)
In addition, every single flight in MetroAir’s schedule now has a specific departure and arrival gate. There was two main purposes in this project. This helps assist pilots in determining where they should be positioning their aircraft when they start the sim. In addition, it also has forced us to review our schedule and ensure that MetroAir was utilizing our gates properly.

Gate Assignments

During the process we found that at certain times we had no available gates and had to shift flight times slightly to ensure all aircraft on the ground at an airport had a gate assignment. We also found some aircraft that were not being utilized effectively. We were able to squeeze in an extra flight turn on some aircraft that were sitting on the ground longer than we would have liked.

You’ll begin to see these changes after the new website is launched. We hope you’re as excited as we about all of the new charts.

For those of you who are curious about what it looks like on the backend to see flights in and out at our gates, check out this sample of gate utilization at KIAD.KIAD Gate Utilization