Service to Honolulu Restored

Romulus, MI (AP) -  Metro Air Virtual Airlines announced today it would be resuming flights from its hub at Ontario International Airport to Honolulu International Airport.  The Airline had discontinued flights a few months ago due to restructuring of their Airbus A330 route structure.  The route will now be run with members of its Airbus A319 fleet. Chief Operating Officer Kim Gesch explained the reasoning behind the restructuring in a brief statement issued to the press. “Recently we found our Airbus A330 fleet was losing money.  Our operations team analyzed the old route structuring and found that, under our current cost structuring, Ontario to Honolulu was not an optimal route for the A330.  Furthermore, we wanted to shift our focus with the A330 to international, transatlantic flights. It was decided to go for ETOPS rating on the A319 fleet.  We have received our ETOPS rating on the A319 fleet, and we are now using the A319 fleet to fly from Onatrio International to Honolulu International.  It is our thought that this will further optimize our route system, and allow us to sustain growth through these tough economic times.”