Screenshot Competition Returns

The screenshot competition has been lackluster in recent months; we’ve forgotten to start it and pilots haven’t participated. To kick things off this March and get a positive rate of climb, we’re going to shift things around a little bit.

Cody Wilson will be assuming the responsibilities of the screenshot competition. In addition, the schedule for the competition will be changed slightly. Please check the Screenshot Competition board in the forums for the updated rules.

The themes are very general and broad to allow maximum participation. The theme is how you interpret it. This months theme: *V1, V2, Rotate! *Click here to check it out!

In addition, we are going to be giving away a free product thanks to the The free product is Orbx – FTX: NA Blue USA/Canada Pacific Northwest*! If you want a chance to win this new release, submit an entry!

*Screenshot Competition - March 2010

*Only avaliable for FSX not FS9