Two Pilots of the Month...

MetroAir is pleased to announce two Pilots of the Month today. Due to all the work around with the website move we have not been able to announce the January Pilot of the Month any sooner than this.

As PotM for January 2010, Devin Caliri of our Ontario hub, has been selected by the staff for his almost non-stop flying for MetroAir Virtual. Ever since he joined December 20th 2009, Devin has accumulated over 350 hours. During the month of January, he was promoted 3 times and currently holds the rank of ATP Captain. Another quality of Devin is his forum behavior. Ever since becoming active on the Forums, he has made it a point to greet EVERY new hire that introduces himself. The staff of MetroAir congratulate Devin with this award.

As PotM for February 2010, the staff decided to choose Phillip Lecrenier. Phillip has been with us since April 2008 and has been able to whip up a total of over 1600 hours in just over 500 pireps. Lot’s of these flights have been on VATSIM making sure MetroAir has a regular online presence. For this the staff believe Phillip should be rewarded with the PotM-award for February 2010.

We would like to congratulate both pilots very much with their awards, which will be sent to you a.s.a.p. You can also check here to see which other pilots have received this award before.