Introducing MetroMiles

MetroAir Virtual has launched MetroMilesâ„¢, a new program for pilots. Captain Antti Karjalainen submitted the name MetroMilesâ„¢ and was officially adopted after an airline vote last week.

Like a frequent flyer program, pilots will earn miles for completing certain tasks and reaching milestones which help support MetroAir. Pilots will also have the opportunity to spend their MetroMilesâ„¢ with rewards such as bidding on charter flights and the opportunity to influence MetroAir’s next destination.

MetroMiles Card

About Metromiles

Pilots officially started earning MetroMiles on Sunday May 23rd around noon eastern. All active pilots were awarded with a starter balance of 10 miles. Some pilot’s may see a few extra in their accounts if this is their anniversary month of becoming a MetroAir pilot, have supported MetroAir or have had PiReps approved since the launch of the program.

My Metromiles

Please visit the MetroAir website to learn more about MetroMiles.

Notice: Management reserves the right to change methods of earning miles, the possible rewards and all miles associated with them.