Referring Friends and Pilots to MetroAir

One of the ways of earning MetroMiles is by referring your friends and other virtual pilots you know to MetroAir. Our pilots are MetroAir’s biggest source of advertising whether you fly on VATSIM, post your screenshots to the various flight sim forums out there or just strike up conversation with others.

Here is how the process should work.

  1. You refer someone to MetroAir. You should give them the link to MetroAir’s site:
  2. You should tell the person you are referring to mention your name and/or pilot code in their application. New pilots are encouraged to tell us how they found out about MetroAir and there is a spot on the application form to do that.
  3. Once the person you referred has become vested in MetroAir (maintained their active status for a minimum of 3 months with no periods of inactivity or leave of absences), we’ll credit your MetroMiles balance.

Of course there are some rules too:

  • Applicant must indicate that you referred them on their application form. New pilots will have 7 days from the date of hire to notify the HR Manager if someone referred them to MetroAir and it was not entered on their original application form. If you have referred someone, it is your responsibility to ensure that they have notified us that you referred them.
  • Only one pilot can receive MetroMiles for referring a single person. (i.e. If two MetroAir pilots are talking with a potential pilot on Vatsim, only 1 pilot can receive MetroMiles for referring an individual pilot)

If someone indicates that you referred them to MetroAir, the HR Manager will send you a courtesy notice after they are hired. Remember though, if the new pilot leaves or is terminated before 3 months, you will not receive any points. To avoid this, you may want to act as their unofficial mentor and help them out whenever you can; If you can’t answer a question, steer them to the forums and/or staff where they will be able to obtain an answer.