MetroAir Virtual moving HQ and opening new hub

Romulus, MI (AP) – At the annual shareholder meeting held earlier today, MetroAir Virtual announced a major change to their corporate airline. “While we sit here in Detroit today, it is bittersweet to announce that this is the last annual shareholder meeting being held in Detroit. We were born here in Detroit. We grew up here; But like children, we grow, we learn and we change.” said Matt Calsada, MetroAir Chief Executive Officer.

The airline has been extensively growing the last couple of years. MetroAir has grown from a small start-up airline to a well respected mid-sized airline. Calsada said “The time has come where MetroAir has outgrown the main offices in Romulus, MI. They have simply become too small for our ever expanding company.”

For the last 5 months MetroAir executives have been traveling all around the US in search for a new HQ. And they have found it! MetroAir HQ will be moved to a new office building in Kansas City, MO. MetroAir will be taking up almost all of the currently available space (230k sq. ft). The new location comes with plenty of underground parking space and added building security like key-card access.

The 8,000 SF office penthouse with outstanding panoramic view and balcony will be reserved for meeting rooms and executive offices.

According to MetroAir CFO, Matt Reichelderfer, ever rising tax incentives from the state of Missouri along with the central location within the airline’s route network were just two of the main reasons the move to Kansas City was an obvious one. MetroAir is expecting to round up the final agreements with the building owner within the next few weeks.

“This completes a six month exploration into determining which city would serve the best interests of MetroAir’s future growth.” said COO Kim Gesch. “MetroAir needed more space. A space close to it’s operations. A space that allows continued growth.”

Chief Pilot Officer Lindle Romero announced that the Human Resources department is actively working with MetroAir’s central operations staff to locate housing opportunities for employees. Romero continued, “While this is a challenge for all of our employees, our HR department is committed in making this a smooth transition for all of our central staff.”

While a majority of MetroAir’s core personnel have already moved, it is expected that all corporate departments will complete their move to the new Kansas City headquarters in time for the start of their fiscal year, July 1, 2010.

In addition to the news of MetroAir moving it’s headquarters to Kansas City, MO, it should be no surprise that MetroAir has quietly advanced their plans to turn KMCI into a new hub for MetroAir Virtual. In recent months, the number of scheduled flights from Kansas City has increased dramatically. In addition to Kansas City serving as MetroAir’s third hub, proximity to headquarters increases it’s value within the MetroAir network and allows it to serve as a training hub for all new pilots. Allegius will become a completely integrated division of MetroAir Virtual thereby eliminating the need for a separate Allegius Hub Manager. Derrick Medlin, the current Allegius Hub Manager, has however gladly accepted the position of Hub Manager for MCI and said “Although I started my career as a Washington pilot and I will always have a special place in my heart for them, it’s time for us to grow. I’m looking forward to the challenge of managing our newest hub in Kansas City and giving Ontario and Washington a whipping in future Hub Competitions!”

From now on each hub manager will handle the Allegius flights for their assigned pilots so only one Hub Manager per base regardless what type of flight you have. All pilots that start at MetroAir will automatically be assigned to the MCI-hub and will be able to transfer to either ONT or IAD as soon as they have been promoted from Trainee to Second Officer.

Any pilot from Trainee to ATP Captain can choose Kansas City as their hub. To request a change, please contact the HR Manager.