MetroAir Announce Acquisition of Cirrus Air

Kansas City, MO – Earlier today, MetroAir Virtual Airlines and Cirrus Air held a joint press conference at Cirrus’ headquarters in Chicago.

The boards of both airlines — which operate more than 600 daily flights combined — approved the acquisition of Cirrus by MetroAir for an undisclosed figure in closed door meetings Wednesday afternoon. The Cirrus brand will be dissolved but the route network will be absorbed into MetroAir’s system. The merger combines MetroAir’s strengths on the coast lines with Cirrus’ routes originating in Chicago and Jacksonville.

When asked why Cirrus was agreeing to an acquisition Cirrus CEO, Jeremy Ballsmith, said “In an unfortunate situation, I feel that Metro is the best possible gaurdian of the Cirrus Air legacy. Over the past two years many including myself have worked hard to operate Cirrus in a realistic and professional manner. Through our merge I look forward to the realism Metro will bring to Cirrus pilots, and trust Metro Air’s decisions when it comes time to merge the airline into one.”

Of the combined routes, only one is shared between both airlines: Chicago Midway to Detroit. Kim Gesch, MetroAir’s Chief Operating Officer explained that MetroAir planned to integrate Cirrus’ full schedule and share booking, bidding and ticketing systems within three months. Gesch also announced that the Cirrus hubs at Chicago Midway and Jacksonville would be scaled down in the coming months.

“Cirrus Air has been on the radar of the MetroAir board for some time. We have been watching Cirrus shape itself under Mr. Ballsmith’s leadership and has taken on very similar business objectives, goals and operating structure as MetroAir in recent months.”, said MetroAir CEO Matt Calsada. He continued to say that the opportunity to fold Cirrus Air into MetroAir presented itself and was an excellent opportunity that MetroAir could not pass on. With last weeks announcement of acquiring 16 new A330s and the acquisition of Cirrus Air, MetroAir has launched itself in a prime position as a domestic and international carrier that can no longer be ignored by major US Carriers.

MetroAir Virtual has published a guide to the acquisition and answered a few of the common questions that will come up from staff and pilots of both airlines at