From the desk of the CEO

There is never a dull moment around the halls of MetroAir Virtual. In the past month we have seen a number of changes, new pilots and new offerings to the airline. I wanted to take a few minutes to give everyone an update on what’s been happening and what’s in the works for the months to come.

New Aircraft and Cirrus Air
By now, everyone should know that MetroAir recently acquired a number of Airbus A330’s from the now defunct Empora Virtual. In addition, MetroAir took over Cirrus Air at the beginning of July. With the acquisition of Cirrus Air, we gained a few new pilots as well as another infusion of aircraft consisting of DH8-400’s, A319s and A320s.

There is a good chunk of staffing news.

Matt Reichelderfer resigned as Chief Financial Officer last month leaving the position currently vacant. Matt needed to step aside for personal reasons. His hard work will be missed.

Alex Newton will be starting college this Fall in Arizona. As such, Alex has resigned. Alex will be greatly missed. He has probably held the title of Human Resources Manager the longest of any of his predecessors. He helped to shape the department. He will also be missed during the monthly staff meetings where Alex was the nominated scribe who copiously took notes. In recognition of his efforts for the airline, Alex has been awarded the MetroAir Service Award. On behalf of the entire staff at MetroAir, we wish Alex the best of luck as he starts a new chapter in his life.

Steve Iles, former Airline Photographer, has become the new Human Resources Manager. Prior to Alex’ resignation, Steve learned all of the tips and tricks from Alex. Steve is now the one handling all new pilot applications, keeping track of LOA’s and handling pilot terminations.

Devin Caliri who served briefly as the Director of Charter Operations resigned due to personal reasons. We are sad to lose Devin as a staff member but happy that he is continuing on in his pilot role and will be able to start flying more frequently for his hub.

Kim Gesch, Chief Operating Officer, has been busy moving in recent weeks. Due to his limited absence, James Denny has been working to maintain Operations and Schedules with assistance from other staff members.

Lindle Romero, Chief Pilot Officer, has had a rough few months lately. He is currently recuperating from surgery earlier this week. We all wish Lindle the best and positive thoughts and hope’s he feels better soon.

Things to come
On to the good stuff and what you can expect soon.

Earlier today, a Teamspeak 3 Beta was announced. If all goes well, we’ll be switching to Teamspeak 3 and retiring our Teamspeak 2 server.

MetroAir Dispatch, was announced yesterday as a tool to help pilot’s plan their fuel loads. Dispatch was created by Diego Pedraglio in a MS Excel spreadsheet. We are hopeful that this will be a highly utilized resource, especially for new pilots as they learn thew new aircraft and their fuel burn profiles.

MetroAir Beta v2.0 is in the final stages of testing. We hope to have it released within 2 weeks. It has been updated with new models and the schedules have been completely revamped to match our current schedule.

MetroAir is also working with a few senior pilots to organize a Mentorship Program. The program will be geared towards new pilots with the goal of getting new pilots more involved and get them pointed in the right direction. Each new pilot will be assigned a mentor to work with on a one-on-one basis. Staff and the Mentors alike are excited about the possibilities of the program. You’ll hear more about it when all of the details are fully worked out.

I hope you found this brief update informative and are as excited about the things to come as everyone on the staff is.