MetroAir Teamspeak 3 Beta Testing Commences

MetroAir is starting a beta test that is open to all MetroAir Pilots to try the newest Teamspeak 3 client. Due to considerable changes in the authentication system, MetroAir needed to ensure that all systems would be ready to handle the integration with a Teamspeak 3 server.

The newest Teamspeak 3 client offers

  • Improved Voice Quality and Latency
  • Tabbed Text Chatting
  • Individual User Mic Gain Control

To get connected to the MetroAir Teamspeak 3 Beta Server,

  1. Download the Teamspeak 3 Client
  2. Log in to your Pilot Control Panel
  3. Click on the My Teamspeak 3 Account (Beta) Link that displays under your Awards
  4. The first time you are connecting, choose one of the links in the “First Time Connecting” box: Connect, Authenticate and Add Bookmark OR Connect and Authenticate

Beta Notes
During the beta phase, the server is not guaranteed to be available or stable. The connection may change, channels on the server may change and your permissions on the server may be modified. Staff is still learning the new client and may be unable to help you get situated on the new Teamspeak server during the beta phase. All pilots are encouraged to report their feedback of using the Teamspeak 3 client in the MetroAir Forums.