Staff Changes at Ontario

Since the resignation of CFO Matt Reichelderfer earlier this Summer, our Ontario Hub Manager, Steve Watson has shown a great interest in learning more about how MetroAir operates on a daily basis. He has been running numbers through his head, scribbling formula’s on napkins at the bar and feverishly calculating figures on whiteboards. It is with great pleasure that I announce that Steve Watson has become MetroAir’s newest Chief Financial Officer. For the last 4 weeks, Steve has been getting familiar with all of MetroAir’s finances and operations to get a better idea of how all the puzzle pieces fit together. Today, we’re throwing him in the water without the life vest so wish Steve luck as he ventures into a new role at MetroAir.

Austin Clark was chosen as to replace Steve as the new Ontario Hub Manager. Austin has been working with Derrick Medlin for the last month to learn the ropes and how to excel as a Hub Manager. We’ve stuck Austin on the ramp to load luggage on the A330’s bound for Europe, put him in the center of customer support at MCI to deal with angry customers who were delayed due to weather and even made him clean the aircraft lavatories for a week. We’re confident he will fit right in at Ontario and can stand up to the challenges that the ONT hub managers will task him with. Do us proud Ontario pilots and make sure you make Austin look good by keeping up the tradition of winning the Hub Competitions for months to come.

Congratulations Steve and Austin!