MetroAir returns to Haiti.

Kansas City, MO (AP) – October 24, 2010; 13:00 GMT – MetroAir returns to Haiti. – MetroAir once again answers the call to help the earthquake ravaged republic of Haiti. Sick victims and families have been lining up at St. Nicolas Hospital in St. Marc, north of Port-au-Prince, Haiti as the country’s cholera crisis deepened Sunday as the first cases in the capital raised fears the epidemic could infiltrate the capital’s tent cities and spawn a major health disaster. The latest toll of 253 dead and 3,015 infections from top Haitian health official Gabriel Thimote, represented an increase of only 33 fatalities in the last 24 hours — an indication perhaps that the epidemic could be contained however, those numbers could soar if cholera reached the camps where hundreds of thousands live in awful conditions after being displaced by January’s earthquake. “MetroAir is concerned by the loss of life and the risk of this serious medical crisis spreading into further communities,” Mike Adamo, Director of Charter Operations said in a statement this afternoon. Kim Gesh MetroAir’s Chief Operating Officer stated “MetroAir will continue to respond to the needs of the people of Haiti, who are experiencing tremendous hardships in the aftermath of the earthquake that took place earlier this year.”

Working alongside the American Red Cross who have already launched a rapid and coordinated response, putting personnel on the ground in the affected area, trucking in urgently needed medical supplies and water to the most critical areas;  MetroAir ground crews at Fort Lauderdale airport will begin the process of removing some economy seating from our Airbus A319 to make room for the transportation of additional medical supplies. equipment and medical personnel to Haiti.

Effective Saturday October 30 at 05:00 GMT MetroAir will reactivate flights 7703 and 7702 departing from Fort Lauderdale to the caiptal city of Port-au-Prince. The flights will be removed Saturday November 6 at 20:00 GMT at the request of the American Red Cross and as with all bids, you will have 7 days to complete your flight from the time your bid was secured. Please note this is an Emerald Charter and as such MetroMiles are withdrawn at the time you bid on a flight. If you are unable to fly that flight, be sure to cancel the bid before expiration for a mile refund.

About MetroAir
MetroAir is one of America’s leading choices of airline travel, with a formidable domestic route system using a fleet of the world’s most technologically advanced Airbus airliners and with numerous regional connections through it’s partner company Allegius. Originally founded in Detroit flying Boeing 737-200s and Bombardier Dash-8-Q200 feeders, MetroAir has since grown to become one of America’s most impressive startup airlines of the last decade now operating 382 flights to 73 cities around the world using a fleet of Airbus and Bombardier airliners.  Built on a simple home-grown attitude of quick and affordably-efficient service, MetroAir has seen a groundswell of critical acclaim from the flying public in response to a return of service to the days of old.

In an economy where passengers have dozens of choices to choose from, MetroAir provides an affordable ticket in a comfortable seat, in-flight entertainment, warm meals and drinks—paid for, and not through creative trickery.  Sure it’s a stretch on the airline’s tight budget, but MetroAir prides itself on integrity to the flying public and delivers on promises made.

For further information: Charter contact: Mike Adamo, Director of Charter Operations