Fleet Installers Updated

Tonight we released updated packages for multiple aircraft. Some of the fixes were minor, some were a bit larger. You can find the updated aircraft in the “My Downloads” section of the website control panel.

Special thanks goes out to Patrick Saint for his CRJ tweaks, and to Mike Adamo for providing the configuration to include the VC into our FSX CRJ! Thanks guys!

*A320 For FSX *– New package! Aircraft had not been previously packaged for FSX.

A319 and A321 for FSX
Fixed items include: *
Outstanding Auto-Brake issue. Auto-Brakes never functioned properly in FSX and in the A319 for example, I ended up making my own gauge so pilots would have something at least. I found a fix for this issue and have removed my gauge and the auto brakes now function as they should from the Gear Panel.
2. Main ECAMS display in all our FSX Airbus aircraft displayed fuel burn incorrectly. I found a fix for this and have implemented it across all our Airbus’. In addition, there is now also a “RANGE: xxx NM”. It auto calculates how much fuel range you have based on current fuel burn and remaining fuel.

CRJ 700 for FS9 –
1. Fixed max bank angle, acceleration and velocity.
2. Adjusted elevator trim effectiveness.

CRJ 700 for FSX –
1. Now using updated POSKY model for FSX.
2. VC Now works in this aircraft. Default CRJ VC aliased into this aircraft.
3. Fixed max bank angle, acceleration and velocity.
4. Adjusted elevator trim effectiveness.

Happy Flying,