Exciting things happening in HR with Training

With the dawn of the new year approaching, the staff at Metro Air continue to search for nuances that will help retain new pilots and provide a rewarding experience for them. Consequently, 2 programs are being developed to help guide new and veteran pilots alike. Both programs will fall under the authority of the newly formed MetroAir University. Completing the programs will also offer additional benefits to pilots.

This first program will serve as a mentor/guide program for all pilots new to Metro; keeping them interested, involved and active with the airline. Mentors will help to show new pilots tips & tricks they have learned and teach the basics of MetroAir. The primary focus will be on what MetroAir does differently than other virtual airlines and how to navigate the world of MetroAir.

The second program is for our more seasoned group of pilots. It will be designed to help keep you motivated to get to your next promotion and CAT rating by giving you some other milestones to achieve while waiting!

Both programs are scheduled to begin at the turn of the New Year! Stay tuned…