MetroAir Skins: Teamspeak and Google Chrome

We also have a couple of skins for Google Chrome and Teamspeak 3 for you to try out. You can grab both skins in Pilot Downloads.

[![](/content/images/2010/12/Teamspeak3Skin-300x232.jpg "Teamspeak3 Skin")](/content/images/2010/12/Teamspeak3Skin.jpg)
A teamspeak 3 skin
[![](/content/images/2010/12/chrometheme-300x174.jpg "Chrome Theme")](/content/images/2010/12/chrometheme.jpg)
MetroAir Chrome Theme

Also, on Day 8, we are giving you 100 MetroMiles. Make sure you are logged in to the MetroAir website and head over to to claim your miles now!