MetroAir Supporter Benefits

When MetroAir began accepting donations a few years back to help offset the technology costs (server hosting, domain registration and backups), supporters at the Business ($20) and First Class levels($30) had access to special liveries. For a long time though, there was no special liveries. In May of 2009 that changed with the singular special livery we had for Supporters. That lasted until just recently when Cody Wilson was able to complete the Anaheim Ducks livery and make progress on a significant number of other special liveries.

We now have more special liveries than we had originally ever considered when we began accepting financial support from pilots. In addition, with the combination of the MetroMiles program launched in May and the amount of new liveries released, we wanted a way for all pilots to get a chance to download the special liveries yet give supporters a significant advantage.

As most of you have noticed by now, special liveries cost 200 MetroMiles excluding the personalized A319 which costs 1000 MetroMiles. To help offset the costs of these new liveries for supporters, we are depositing MetroMiles in supporters accounts.

  • For each $10 donated a supporter will receive 400 MetroMiles immediately. You should note that the amount of MetroMiles earned is for the current donation amount. If you donated $20 today, you will receive 800 MetroMiles. If you then donate another $10 tomorrow, you will get 400 more MetroMiles. If you make donations of $1 for 30 days in a row, you will not receive any MetroMiles for your initial donation amount.
  • On a monthly basis, including the first month, for every $15 donated, a pilot will receive 25 MetroMiles. The amounts here do stack. If you donated $20 yesterday and $10 today, you will receive the full 50 MetroMiles each month while your benefits are still active.

This can be somewhat confusing to calculate. We’ve devised a chart to break it all down for each donation level. In the past we have seen some pilots donate $50 so we are including that in the chart for illustration purposes.

MetroMiles for Supporters
If you have any questions regarding this or supporter benefits, feel free to get in touch with Matt .