Ask the Staff

Back in December during the 12 Days of MetroAir, we asked you guys to come up with 1 question of something you’ve always wondered about MetroAir. We got a number of great questions! We’re finally getting around to answering them but wanted to give the pilots the opportunity to ask again…live!

On February 20th from 8:30-9:30 EST, staff are going to pack into Teamspeak to answer not only the questions from last month but new ones that you come up with during the hour long event.

For a sampling of questions we received and what you can expect to hear answered:

  • How do you guys keep things ticking? So many flights, such a huge schedule.
  • How do you guys decide what new route to open? start ? After all its a virtual world, so what database you guys rely on for market share, profitability and competition?
  • How does Cody add new colors to a texture and how long is the process?
  • How much does it cost and is it time consuming to run the whole virtual airline?(Monthly – Use of servers etc.)
  • I have always been interested in how the development of the website works and how the automated processes take place.