Embraer announces order from US Based Allegius Airlines

Embraer Logo

Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil – Early this morning executives at the Brazil based aircraft manufacturer, Embraer, announced that they had signed an agreement with the Allegius Corportation for an unspecified number of aircraft. Allegius Corporation is a small Kansas City based company which flies smaller regional aircraft under the MetroAir brand. Allegius officials commented that MetroAir Virtual Airlines has been expanding in recent months and industry analysts had predicted an order for regional aircraft would be forthcoming to help bolster Allegius’ regional fleet in it’s new hub at Kansas City.

This is not the first time Embraer will be flying a MetroAir callsign. Late last year the airline purchased a single Legacy 600 for executive and charter usage. An unidentified spokesman for MetroAir stated ‘When we were speaking with them [Embraer] about the Legacy we also asked them to provide some materials on their other aircraft. The Legacy is basically one of their ERJ series commuter jets fitted with a business interior and we were very happy with it’s performance. Our future scheduling plans were incentive to use these aircraft as it made more sense to go with Jets rather than Turboprops due to range. Allegius officials were quickly convinced when MetroAir disclosed the number of markets being opened and the potential benefit for both companies.”

Artist Rendition of the MetroAir EMB-170 by Cody Wilson
Preliminary details of the order indicate that Allegius expects to order up to 25 ERJ-170 series aircraft. They are expected to begin delivery and entry into service in mid to late April of 2011.